Say It Different.™

Hi. I'm Pete Van Regenmorter, founder of Smorgasbrand.™ For about 30 years, I've been helping companies Say It Different™ by creating effective advertising and marketing that shuns sameness.

Now I'm also applying my unique perspective to one-of-a-kind designs for t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, home goods—all kinds of gift-worthy stuff (even if you're gifting yourself).

Because who doesn't want to Say It Different?


Actually, plenty of people. Lemming-like herd followers are out there in droves.

Luckily, I create for the rest of us.

And I'm just getting started. So please check back often. Even better, sign up to receive periodic updates on new designs, new brands, discounts, limited editions, and more.

Looking forward to going on this oddyssey together! (Yes, I spelled that right.)